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Clinical Experience, Qualification & Training

Active & Upcoming in 2022-2023

2022-             Re-registration -  Concussion Management

                  CCMI - USA & EU 

                      Dr Cameron Marshall et al 


04/20-Ongoing  Shoulder Steps to Success 

                      Clinical Edge

                      Jo Gibson (UK)& David Pope (OZ)


06/20            TPI Golf Medical Level 3

                      PGA National Training Academy 

                      Online/ USA, UK - Level 3, tbc

2022              FSMA 

                       Ongoing Level 2

11/20 -Ongoing    S&C - Strength & Neuromuscular Conditioning for Rehabilitation - Level 1

                      Dr Claire Minshull


2022/23        Anterior Knee Pain: Differential Diagnosis & Treatment

                     Dr. Lee Herrington, Runcorn, Cheshire - tbc


2022/23        ACL Rehab Update

                     Dr. Lee Herrington, Runcorn, Cheshire - tbc

2022/23      Hip Management

                    Dr Alison Grimaldi

                    OZ - tbc

Current Completed: 2020 - 2002

05/20-07/20  Concussion Management

                  CCMI - USA & EU 

                      Dr Cameron Marshall et al 


04/20- Ongoing  Shoulder Steps to Success 

                      Clinical Edge

                      Jo Gibson (UK)& David Pope (OZ)


11/21            TPI Golf Medical Level 2 & FSMA 1

                      PGA National Training Academy 

                      Birmingham, UK - Level 1, November 13 - 14, 2019 

11/20 -Ongoing    S&C - Strength & Neuromuscular Conditioning for Rehabilitation - Level 1

                      Dr Claire Minshull

                      Manchester /Online course for therapist 

04/19-03/20  Intergrated Dryneedling online & clinical Course

                      Andrew Hutton, Australia 


11/19            TPI Certified & Titleist Performance Institute Certified

                      PGA National Training Academy 

                      Birmingham, UK - Level 1, November 13 - 14, 2019 

04-19            Guidelines for Safe Practice Update

                      Andrew Hutton, 10 hour CPD - AU


03/19            Yoga for Physiotherapist 

                      Sarah March, BSc(Hons) Physiotherapy, MCSP, Yoga teacher (Yogacampus) 

02/2019        Intro to Paediatric & Adolescent MSK Disorders

                     Tom Quantrell, MSc BSc (Hons) MCSP, Spire Hospital Leeds,        


01/2019        Unravelling Strength & Conditioning  

                      Andrew McCauley, HES seminars, University Hospital, Coventry, Wallsall, UK. (15h)


06/2018        Electroacupuncture, Cupping & Gua Sha 

                      Lynne Pearce, AACP Ltd, Peterborough, UK.


05/2018        Fascia & Anatomy

                      Lynn Pearce, AACP Ltd, Peterborough, UK


03/2017        The Neck Part 1 - Assessment of the patient with

                      Dave Walton traumatic/non-traumatic neck pain              

                      PhysioUK Webinar



03/2017        Dynamic Taping

                     Mr Gerard Greene, MSc(Manip Physio), MMACP,  PGCert Hed.

                     Univ Bolton,UK.


11/2016        Anatomy of Acupuncture at Keele University

                     Luke Welsh (Teaching Fellow in Anatomy) & Jonathan Hobbs (AACP AT)

                     Keele University, Staffordshire, UK.



04/2016         Soft Tissue Techniques 

                       ACPSEM, Spring study day

                       St George’s Park, Derbyshire, UK


05/2016        AACP Annual Conference 2016

                     13th &14th May, -12h CPD


01/2015        Facial Rejuvenation/Cosmetic Acupuncture,

                     Jon Hobbs, MSc, MCSP, FHEA, FEA,

                      Crewe, UK.    


05/2015        AACP Annual Conference 2015

                     13th &14th May -12h CPD


03/2014        Lower limb Functional Fascial Taping

                     Ron Alexander, (FFT) for Physio’s, Osteo’s, Sports therapists FFTP RMT Podiatrists  

                     PhysioUK, YHA, Manchester, UK


11/2014        Acupuncture in Sports Injuries

                     Jon Hobbs MSc, MCSP, FHEA, FEA,

                     AACP, Wirral, UK


12/2014        Facial Rejuvenation/Cosmetic Acupuncture 

                     Jon Hobbs, MSc, MCSP, FHEA, FEA,

                     Preston, UK.    


03/2013       Management of Migraine Headache.

                    George Chia - through the eye of the needle             

                    AACP Lecturer, 

                    Sheffield, UK.


2012            50 Most Useful Acupuncture Points Revised

                    Hubert Van Griensven MSC (Pain) BSc DipAc

                    10h CPD - PhysioUK.


05/2012      AACP Annual Conference         

                   Piercing the puzzle of persistent pain

                   Hinckley Island Hotel, Leicestershire. LE10 3JA, UK

02/2011     Acupuncture for the treatment of the Shoulder

                  Phillip Burke Physio Department,

                  Wythenshawe Hospital, Southmoor road, Manchester, UK.


05/2011     AACP Annual Conference         

                  Manipulating the Matrix                                             

                  Robinson Executive, Conference Centre, Wyboston Lakes, Bedfordshire,UK


05/2010    AACP Annual Conference         

                 Synergy in Practice

                 Robinson Executive, Conference Centre, Wyboston Lakes, Bedfordshire,UK


02/2009    The Shoulder - What’s New

                  Jo Gibson MCSP, SRP,

                  Manchester Neurotherapy Centre


05/2009    AACP Annual Conference         

                  Robinson Executive, Conference Centre, Wyboston Lakes, Bedfordshire,UK

06/2008    Acupuncture Foundation Course

                 Dr.Panos Barlas

                 Acupuncture & it’s applications in  AACP - Wallsall Coventry, UK

05/2008   Tendinopathy Masterclass Theory & Practice: Upper limb Tendinopathies

                 Dr Jill Cook -PhD & Dr Jeremy Lewis -PhD

05/2008   The Combined Approach to the Sacroiliac Joint

                 Howard Turner -MCSP, BSc, BAppSC

04/2008    Sporting HIP & GROIN, Level 2

                  James Moore - M. Phty (Manips), BSc (Hons), PG Dip App Biomechanics, MCSP, SRP, CSCS

                  Mark Young - B.Phty (Aust) PG Scholarship AIS, MAPA, MCSP, SRP.

04/2008   Lower Limb Tendinopathy Course

                 Peter Malliaras, PhD

                 Brunel University, Earling PCT

                 Musculoskeletal pain.                 SPIRE PARKWAY                                             HOSPITAL, BIRMINGHAM,                                        UK

10/2007    Sporting HIP & GROIN, Level 1

                  James Moore - M. Phty (Manips), BSc (Hons), PG Dip App Biomechanics, MCSP, SRP, CSCS

                  Mark Young - B.Phty (Aust) PG Scholarship AIS, MAPA, MCSP, SRP.

                  London, HESEMINARS 


1990-2002 (South African based courses)


1990                 Myofasciale Trigger Point Release

                         Sherryl Edwards

                         Head Department Physiotherapy, Tygerberg Hospital


1991                Acupuncture - Module 1     

                       Charles Liggens MCSP, HT, Dip.TP, Grad Dip Physio

                       Roy Mitchell MCSP, Grad. Physio


05/1992          Management of Sports Injuries 1

                       Graham N. Smith

                       (2 days - 17+18 May)                     (PhysioTech)


03/1992          Basic Dry Needling Course

                       Claire Waumsley,  B.Sc Physio.(Wits)

                        For Physiotherapist            


09/1992          Introduction to Laser Therapy

                       Lawo Equipment        

                        Andy Burger (International Guess Lector)


11/1992          Biomechanics Seminar 

                        AP Barcroft

                        Managing Director of  the Langer Biomechanics Group (UK) Ltd.


11/1992          Sports Medicine Congress & .


                        Cycle 93 Symposium, Civic Center, Cape Town.


01/1993-09/1993   Post Basic Orthopaedic Manipulative OMTG Therapy 1                    

                               University  (112 Hours + 3 Hour Clinic Paper + 1 hour clinical exam)

                               Stellenbosch, Cape Town.


03/1993          Lumbar Facet Joint Syndromes - OMTG.

                       According to Wendy Aspinall

                       MS Uys & MJ van Oordt


05/1993        Rotator Cuff Problems in The Athlete & Shoulder Pain In the Young Swimmer

                      Dr. Joe de Beer (MBChd, M.Med Orth.)

                      (1 day)


    02/1994      Adverse Neural Tension 

                       Peter Wells (BA, FCSP, SIP.TP,SRP) OMTG.




    03/1994    Lumbo-Pelvic syndromes according to M. Rocabado

                     Marietha S. Uys & Ina Diener 

                     Lecturers: University of Stellenbosch-medical school &

                     University of Western Cape. (2days - 11 +12 March) 


 09/1994      The Shoulder : Assessment and treatment 

                    Gisela Lauterbach(BScPhysio.


                    Excercise Science (Physio) UCT.  (1day - 24Sept)

11/1994       Muscle Imbalancing

                    Marietha S. Uys

                    Univ.Stellenbosch,Dept Physiotherapy)

                    OMTG Course Lecturer, SASP.   (2 days)  

 03/1995   Groin and Knee Injuries : Workshop 

                    Marietha S. Uys

                    (Univ.Stellenbosch,Dept of Physiotherapy) (2 days - 10+11 March)

                    OMTG Course Lecturer, SASP.


 03/1993   Acupuncture Module 1

                  Charles Liggens MCSP, HT, Dip.TP, Grad Dip Physio

                   Roy Mitchell  MCSP, Grad. Physio

                   OMTG. (2 Days)    


04/1996 - 06/1996    Pharmacology for Physiotherapists  

                                  Mrs R. Lochner

                                  Physiotherapy Department,

                                  University of Stellenbosch,

                                  Faculty of Medicine.  (?? hours + Theory Paper)


05/1995   In Depth Back Rehab

                 M.van Oordt (Dip Physio - UCT),

                 M.S. Uys (Univ. Stellenbosch Lecturer)

                 OMTG Course Leader,WPMTG


08/1995   Louis Grifford feedback Course

                 Ina Diener and Gisela Sole

                 (Physiotherapy departments of Universities Western Cape and UCT, Cape Town.)

                  OMTG-course leaders, SASP.  (2 days - 11 &12 Aug)  

03/1996   Mc Connell Approach to  Patellofemoral Pain 

                Jenny McConnell - B.Applied Science Phys. Sydney Univ.,


                 M Biomed Eng. UNSW. (2days-14&15 March) 


03/1996   PPA Tariff Workshop

.               H. Huysamen, L Beyer, C.Schoeman.

                South African Society of Physiotherapy. (1 day)    

10/1996   New Advances in Exercise to Rehabilitate Spinal Stabilisation 

                Carolyn Richardson & P. Hodges               

                Department of Physiotherapy Univ.of Queensland,  Australia 

                (2days-5&6 October)      


11/1996   Postural Analysis, Exercise Prescription and Soft Tissue Course  

                Francine St George  (NSW) Grad Dip Physio,

                Grad Dip Sports Science,MAPA (3 Days - 1,2&3 November)    



 4/1997   Practice Management Workshop  

               Sandra Mercer Moore (BPhysT, BA., MBA, MAPA, FAICD, FAAPM.(Aus)

               L. Hughes (Aus) PPA - Western Cape, SASP.  (2 days - 16 hour)  

04/1997  The Dynamic Nervous System

                David Butler (B.Phty.  G.D.A.M.T.)

                Louis Grifford(MAppSCI. BSc. MCSP., SRP.) 

                (5 Days-5,6,7,8&9 April)  


06/1997   Internet Workshop

                Russell Mayne (BSc.Physio UCT ) 

                PPA - Western Cape Branch, SASP.  (1 day)    


08/1997  A Muscle Balance Approach the Treatment of Lower Limb Disorders

               Shari Rosenberg, T. Morris, M. Marsden.

               Orthopaedic Manipulative                     (2days - 29&30 Aug.)               

               Therapist Group -Course leaders, Western Cape Branch, SASP.


10/1997   Treatment of Faulty Posture  & Muscle Imbalances of the Upper Limb & Neck 

                 Shari Rosenberg & B.Wearne

                Orthopaedic Manipulative

                Therapist Group, Western Cape Branch, SASP.

                (2day - 10&11 Oct)             


11/1997   Introduction to Cranio Sacral  Therapy    

                Susan Hollenbery Grad. Dip. Phys., M.C.S.P.,

                S.R.P. Chartered Physiotherapist.  (3days -7,8,&9 November)  


09/1997   Nags & Snags

                Ina Diener (Univ. Western Cape - Physio. Dep.),

                OMTG-Course Lecturer, SASP.    (1 day)    

02/1998   Brian Mulligan's Concepts  Mobilisations with Movement Nags, ect.Manual Therapy Workshop

                Linda Exelby Course Tutor : MCTA (BSc.Physio, Grad Dip Man Ther, MCSP, MMACP,                                                             MMPAA.)

                (2days - 14 Hour Course)


01/1999  Marketing in Private Practice  

               Wilma Erasmus (B. Phys T)

               PPA Tariff Comittee, SASP  (1 day)  


 09/1999  Advanced Knee CourseClinical Solutions 

                 Arie Michaeli (M.ScPhysio-Wits)

                 Garic Vosloo ( B.ScPhysio- Wits)

                 OMTG, SASP.


09/1999   Sports Taping Workshop

                 Andrew Hughes Sports Physio, Sports Focus Physiotherapy, Liverpool.

                 Fellow:Sports Medicine-Aus.

                  Physio: Aus. Volleyball Fed.  (1Day - 13 Sept)     

11/1999   Clinical Pilates

                Shari Rosenberg &  Andre Oelofse (Qualified Pilates Instructor's) 

                 (2 Days - 19&20 Nov.) 


09/2000   Advanced Dry Needling

                Claire Waumsley B.Sc. Physio (Wits)

                Orthopedic Manipulative Therapist Group, SASP  (2 days - 23&24 Sept)  


10/2000   Assessment & Treatment  of Incontinence

                Jo Laycock  PhD - 1992 U.K.

                Hon. President of Cumbrian Branch of Chartered Society of Physiotherapy,

                The Culgaith Clinic, Lake District, U.K. (4 days - 12,13,14 &15 Oct)  

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