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Based in Knutsford, I provide comprehensive functional movement system assessments that help to identify areas of restricted movement and abnormal movement patterns. This is done with the  use of various treatment therapies and corrective exercises to improve & restore functional movement and reduce the risk of future injuries. My experience and expertise allow me to deliver top-of-the-line functional movement assessments that accurately identify issue areas that are the main driver for other areas of pain and dysfunction.

What Makes FSMA so unique in restoring normal movement after injury and how does it make a difference to you?

Movement Podcast
Gray Cook and Dr. Lee Burton

Human movement is complex, fascinating, and affects us all. Our hosts, Gray Cook and Dr. Lee Burton, have dedicated their lives to understanding movement and have trained thousands of fitness and healthcare professionals worldwide with their holistic philosophy and approach. Listen as they discuss topics, speak with other industry experts, answer questions & give practical advice on how you can optimize the human body to be the best it can be.

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Why Use Functional Movement Screenings?

FSMA - struggling with recurring sports injuries or work-related aches and pains that won't go away. The functional movement screening includes seven exercises that help to identify imbalances in both mobility and stability. By identifying where your range of motion is below normal levels or whether it's a stability issue, we can help improve these specific areas and help enhance movement through the use of corrective exercises and treatment techniques which will reduce the risk of injury and improve and restore normal movement.


Functional movement screening helps to reduce the chance of injury in the future and identify areas of pain & abnormal movement that might lead to future injuries. The simplistic nature of the FSMA allows me to provide a reliable score that can be repeated in the future, allowing us to clearly see improvement and identify which treatment protocol & corrective exercises have been successful. This comprehensive assessment is a great tool to help identify dysfunctional movement patterns and areas and help to create a proactive & specific exercise programme that will lead to better performance in the future. FSMA motto is “move well before moving loads”.

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Get in touch to find out more about the functional movement systems and assessments available at Resolve Physio. I am always available to discuss your needs as well as answer any questions you may have. Get in touch today to find out more.

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